Meet Tiffany

Camarillo Grown, Dedicated Leader 

Tiffany is a dedicated member of our community who believes in Camarillo and wants to use her ability to think ahead, strategically plan, and community build, to improve our wonderful city.

Quick Facts

  • BA Psychology

    • Cal State University Channel Islands

  • MS Psychology, Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy

    • California Lutheran University​

  • Training  in multiple  project management methodologies

  • Almost 20 years experience managing cross-functional projects​

  • Management of multi-million dollar budgets

  • Experienced in Leadership and Organizational Development 

  • Expert in coalition and community building 

  • AAUW Camarillo

  • Clean Power Alliance, Collaborator

  • LULAC de Camarillo

  • Climate Reality Leader

  • Ventura County Women's Political Council


  • CFROG, Advisory Board

Camarillo Grown

Tiffany's family moved to Camarillo when she was three months old. She loved playing in the parks, swimming, and running through the avocado orchards.

Though Tiffany was a happy child, she had a difficult upbringing. Throughout Tiffany's childhood, her mother suffered from extreme mental illness. Her mother's illness cause her to experience many challenges growing up- often experiencing hunger, homelessness, and safety issues. By the age of 16, Tiffany was put into foster care and was a "ward of the state" until she became a legal adult at 18. While her life at home was difficult, with the compassion and support of the community - teachers, friends, and "chosen" family - Tiffany was able to flourish, and found a life-long love for learning and giving back to the community.

Through tough times, Tiffany learned to be resilient, 

Tiffany and her big cousin Elizabeth playing in the pool at her apartment on Pickwick.

strong, and has learned how to fight to help prevent others from experiencing the difficulties she went through growing up. 

Giving Back

Tiffany started giving back early on in life. When in high school she got involved in building homes for the needy along side Habitat for Humanity and fought injustice

Tiffany along with her 2004 graduating class of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) - based out of Camarillo.

and crimes against humanity with Amnesty International.  After high school Tiffany became a volunteer speaker for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and served as the California legislative representative for Ventura Community College. She also volunteered with Interface Children and Family Services as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), mentoring children in the foster care system and serving as their court liaison. Most recently, Tiffany

has worked alongside other amazing community leaders and has helped organize the Keep Families Together and Lights for Liberty marches in Camarillo, has fought for clean energy usage in all Ventura County cities, and has worked with local legislatures and leaders to work towards environmental justice, healthcare solutions - leaving no one behind, and fair contracts for hard-working people in our community. 

"Las Personas Son la Ciudad," Camarillo's city motto, means "The People Are the City."  Tiffany has dedicated her life to this very notion. She knows that helping those who need us today, makes for a better tomorrow for us all.

Experienced Leader

With Tiffany's background working with people, mixed with almost 20 years experience leading diverse teams to complete complex projects -and doing it on

time and on budget- she is exceptionally qualified to serve as our City Councilmember. In her professional career Tiffany has led global teams in executing organizational and development projects, has worked in leadership development, technology, and behavioral health organizations, and has been a consultant working on strategic planning initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. 

Tiffany understands that being a leader is not about serving your own interests, but the needs of the people. She also understands that being a good leader means bringing different opinions and subject matter experts to the table in order to make educated and well informed decisions; working with individuals, teams, and organizations so that effective, creative, and sustainable solutions emerge at every level.

Climate Reality Leadership.jpg
Tiffany is a graduate of the prestigious Climate Reality Leadership program. 

Tiffany understands that our City Council needs to respond to situations from a wide and deep perspective that is informed by -but is disentangled from- the past, in order to build a thriving community that looks to the future.